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Custom Art by Mira Patel


Since 2014 I have been creating original, unique, cultural art. I specialize in mandalas and traditional indian and middle eastern designs. The mission of my business is to create art that sets the mind at ease, and I truly believe that the process of creating the art and enjoying it serves to bring peace of mind.  It is my hope that my creations either inspire or bring joy to those that look, purchase, or commission them, and that I can help spread the word that art is more than a hobby. If you work at it hard enough, it can be a lifestyle!

Every piece on here, either for sale, commissioned, or available to view in my gallery, is one of a kind. I hope all of you enjoy as you peruse and feel free to ask me anything by contacting me on here or on my Social Media accounts. If you would like to commission me, I am open year-round, with varying prices depending on the season. 

Peruse, be at ease, and thank you for stopping by!

Recent Work

Mardi Gras

Blue Crush



About Me

Having struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as i can remember, i turned to art to cope. I remember flitting around my college apartment, trying to find any colorful ink pens that I could use, and then I would take pictures of these little doodles and post them on my personal Instagram page, feeling very proud of them. In doing so, I discovered an entire art community online, and wanted nothing more than to join in on the fray. 

When my day of studying analytics, business models, statistics, and marketing theories is over, I sit at my desk and create, paint, draw, sketch, experiment, and unwind. I always say that art saved my life and that still holds true for today. Through all the challenges and stresses of my life, art has always been my safe haven, and it has always been a dream of mine for my art to provide a peace of mind for others as well. 

Right now, I live in the beautiful city of St. Louis, MO. I am a Master's student, statistics nerd, dog mom, book lover, and tea enthusiast. It is my dream to travel as much of the world as I can, learn about new cultures, people, languages, and just respect the world and planet that we live in. We are more alike than we are different, after all. 

I am so happy you made it here, to my little piece of heaven, and i hope you enjoy your stay!

-xo. M.P

Awards & Features

  • Two- Time Featured artist on Creative St. Louis, Feburary 2019 & October 2019
  • Featured on hallofmandalas 2019
  • featured on mandala_sharing_ 2019
  • Featured on bitdreams_inc 2018
  • Featured on ishareyourart 2018
  • Featured artist at the Green Door Art Gallery in WEbster Groves, MO, in July & August, 2019 in their art show: "Seen around St. Louis".

Shoot me a message if you have any questions, comments, enquiries, bookings, etc.! Add your name in the subject line with a short blurb about why you're reaching out.